About Ashley

Hey there! I’m Saving The Story Founder Ashley Scott, and my dream is to connect with other women, moms and anyone hoping to elevate their life to new heights. Despite having to grow up a lot faster than others my age after with becoming a young mom at 17-years-old, I am SO proud to share with you my story, the reasons why I’ve persevered and chosen to lead an exemplary life that my daughter, Kinley, and other young women can look to for encouragement and strength.  

My faith in God and my resolve to create a better life for my family has empowered me to overcome and triumph over the challenges life threw at me. Today, I’m perpetually evolving and refocusing my goals to push myself to new levels of success.

With my handsome and loving husband Rusty, my precious daughter Kinley and a lifetime of experience, I am ready to share my story so I happily bring you Saving The Story.

Now my days are spent balancing being a professional business woman, mother and wife–fueled by life-taught compassion and understanding, the perfect shade of nude lipstick and a burning desire to do good, and help others live the best life they can live in this crazy world one cup of coffee at a time, double shot of espresso included :)