So You Wanna Know Why...

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I know I've said it probably a hundred times, but I'll say it again...THANK YOU all so much for the words of encouragement, love, and support you all have shown me since my launch last month. I am truly overwhelmed, and grateful for all of you!

Secondly, I wanted to take a second to answer the most common question I have received and that is "Why?".

"Why did you decide to start a blog?", "Why did you decide on the name "Saving the Story"?, "What are you going to talk about?"...and my very favorite, "What is a blog??" are some of the questions involving the word "why" that I have received.

I believe we all have a reason as to why we do the things we do. We have a reason behind any choice we make in life. I have many reasons why I decided to start my blog so put your reading glasses on, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to learn a few things regarding my "Why".

Starting a blog has been on my heart for quite a while now. I wasn't sure what my brand would be, how to build a website, or where to even start until I met my wonderful friend, and brand strategist, Kim, a year ago at a women's coffee clique. After hearing her mention her background in blogging, photography, working for Martha Stewart, I realized that she had lived out everything that I had bottled up inside of my brain when it came to my my aspirations to reach women, young and old, all over the globe through social media and blogging. After many meetings, planning, and come to Jesus meetings on why I need to stop letting my fear grip me, she was able to help me bring my ideas and desires to life.

"Why did you decide to start a blog?" - The reason I decided to start my own blog is because I realized that as a child of not one, but two divorces, becoming a mom at 17, and the list goes on, that there are SO many girls and women out there that could use the encouragement to get through the daily challenges we may face. More specifically, what really drove me to creating this, was that I realized, as a young woman that became pregnant at 17 years old in a newly divorced (second one by the way) home, I felt the shame and embarrassment of "being a statistic" and being a disappointment, as well as having to help my family cope with yet another divorce that if I had someone that had written just one post about the challenges as well as accomplishments (Yes, I said accomplishments) of being a teen mom or a child of divorce, I would not have felt so alone. (Note: I will be doing a separate post on being a teen mom, but for now, I will keep it short.) Because of these reasons, I so desperately had, and still have, the desire to be that encouragement and support to those that once stood, or may at this very moment stand in those shoes that I once stood in. I've never been the "Woe is me" type of person, so naturally I'm the type that feels that because everyone has had their own challenges, why should I talk about mine like they are more relevant than someone else's? BUT at the same time, I've come to realize that that is what has stopped me from helping others. It's not that my story is better than any one else's..It's that by sharing my story, others will in turn share theirs which results in helping each other to press on and heal. I believe that God gives us all a unique story for our lives to share with others in order to heal and remember that He can bring us out of any challenge we face. Which brings me to answer the question as to why I decided to name my blog "Saving the Story"..

"Why did you decide to name your blog Saving the Story?" - Kim actually helped me a lot when it came to my blog name. Saving the Story actually has two meanings. Meaning one - I have faced challenges my whole life without wanting to share at the time that I felt ready to, which meant that I had literally been saving my story to share with others until the time was right. The second meaning, is that despite the challenges I will speak about in the stories to come, I end up saving the story by sharing the lessons learned, growth, and positive results I gained despite the challenges life threw at me. So basically, I get to the one delivering the rainbow after the storm of the story.

"What are you going to talk about?" - will have to stay tuned to see! :) 

And for those of you who are wondering "What is a blog?"...Here is google's description ;)

blog (n) - a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Thank you all for reading! Until next time..



Ashley Scott