What's In My Bag?

It’s an unspoken rule that you never go through a lady’s bag, but today I’m throwing out the rule bookend diving deep into my daily must-haves, don’t mind the snack wrappers for Kinley! 

As women, business professionals and mothers, we’re always running from place to place and balancing more things than most people think about during a regular day. What’s a bag have to do with it? Everything! 

It’s literally one of the most invaluable resources we have for quick parenting fixes and outfit modifications for those last minute meetings. 

Snack Time- First and foremost, taking care of the young ones will make your life and day-to-day a million times easier. Do you know those times where you’ve been a bit catty or short with someone because you’ve been hangry? Well our kids are no different! I always keep a couple of Kinley’s favoritesnacks for when we’re out and about. Trust me, you may have to adjust to digging through snacks when you’re searching your purse, but you’ll be thankful you had them!

Always Keep A Spare- Surely you’re thinking, “Keep a spare pair of what?” Earrings and a necklace of course! There’s nothing like leaving the house in a rush and doing your make-up in the car, only to realize that you forgot your accessories. It’s the worst! But by planning ahead and putting your go-to pair of earrings and necklaces safely in your bag, you’ll always be prepared for that spur of the moment board meeting or surprise dinner date after work!


Tie It Up- Ladies, and men with long hair, we have all gone through the frantic searching for a hair tie that seems to disappear when we really need it the most. Somehow that Sam’s Club pack of hair ties we promise ourselves won’t get lost, mysteriously disappears into the void where socks in the dryer go. So plan and prepare your future self for the expected! I always keep at least two spare hair ties tucked away in my bag so when the hectic searching begins, I can rest easy knowing the hair ties will be there somewhere past Kinley’s snacks.

Keep It Clean!- Dirty phone screens, ugh. There’s nothing worse than a dirty phone screen in my opinion. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves, and I’m always on the lookout for making sure it’s kept just as it was out of the box. Of course, work and motherhood can often be a hindrance to a squeaky clean phone screen. But that can all change if you start your prepping and keep a spare screen cleaner handy to wipe off those finger prints and and smudges!

Chapped Lips Be Gone!- You know the feeling, and I’m sure you, like me, despise it—chapped lips. They’re the worst, right? That’s why lip gloss and chapstick are some of my absolute must-haves in my daily bag. From the everyday HEB chapstick to more high-end lipgloss, I have to have it in my bag. Of course I have my favorites, but in a pinch you have to make due with what you have to avoid that bare feeling! 

Of course I keep the atypical items in my bag, like money, ID cards, etc, but these are some of my essential daily items that I’m always sure to stock up on before leaving the house. 

I’d love to know what you carry around with you at all times! 

Comment and share with me some of your favorite and must-have items that you always keep with you when you leave the house!