5 Tips For Young Moms

Let's face it, being a parent at any age is no easy feat. You're perpetually awake at all hours of the day and night, you're trying to console a sometimes inconsolable bundle of joy, and if you're like me, you're trying to balance your full-time career with your new career of being a mom.

In short, it gets tiring really quickly and you'll likely find yourself being overwhelmed with everything you have to handle. From late-night crying to early morning meetings, it seems like you're always going and rarely get a chance to just be.

Trust me, we have All been there, and we've all felt the exasperating pressure of trying to get everything thing right for our kids and our careers. But it doesn't always have to be a high-pressure, perpetually going time.

I know what you're thinking. “That sounds great Ashley, but what exactly do you suggest I do? I can't quit my career and I'm wanting to be the best mom, businesswoman and example possible.” Honestly, me too.

My drive is to show my daughter that all things are possible, success is attainable with hard work, and as a good friend told me, “dreams don't have a deadline.”

That doesn't mean you always have to burn yourself out though! Naturally, there's a lot of great info on ways for young moms to stay focused and get that much needed rest we've all wanted. Having been in your shoes, I've curated my favorite five tips for young moms and I hope they'll help you as much as they did me!

1. Forget the “What Ifs”

We're all guilty of it, but playing the “what if” game does little more than cause more nerve-wracking thoughts. Truthfully some of the biggest challenges you'll face won't be from external forces, it'll be from your inner monologue and the perpetual self-questioning if you don't squelch it with confidence. Stop second-guessing yourself and asking “what ifs.” Start living in the now, embrace the present and revel in the beauty that is around you!

2. The Power of Positivity

Of course we all know the importance of positive thinking, but as young mothers, you'll need it more than you could imagine. We all know the news, entertainment TV, and movies are rich with drama and occasionally an underlying tone of negativity. That doesn't mean we can't watch our favorite Netflix series! Though it does mean we have to have an equal amount, if not more, positivity entering our lives. The thing is, you're going to be stressed being a full-time mom and pursuing your career, and while you'll want your time to unwind, you need to be sure that you're surrounding yourself with a solid support system that is going to brighten your world with positivity to counter the everyday stressors of life, like work emails, the guy who cut you off in traffic and the ever-arriving stack of mail and bills. So enjoy your favorite Netflix or Hulu series, but remember to stay in close contact with those people who always have a smile on their face and see a rainy day as just an opportunity to play outdoors as adults.

Happiness is in the details.

3. You Will Be Wrong

As a mom, you're going to want to do the right thing all the time for your little bundle of joy, but there's a hard truth we have to accept–we're going to get things wrong. That's okay though! I promise you, everyone who became a parent did Not know everything they needed or wanted to know right off the bat. It's a learning process! Just like you're having to teach your child about the world around them, you're learning about your child, being a parent and the ever-changing balancing act that we all try, and are still trying, to figure out. Being wrong is normal, it's going to happen, and the most important thing you can do is to keep your head high and power your way through it. Now I know, the first time you get something wrong you won't think of this blog, but I promise, you'll see that mistakes happen and that ultimately they're never as severe as they seem in the moment.

4. Propel Your Personal Growth

Do you know those folks who always seem to be finding themselves? There's nothing wrong with redefining your identity or trying to propel your personal growth, but sometimes you can find yourself in a constant cycle of redefining who you are. I can personally tell you that as a young mom, there's no better catalyst for actually realizing and expressing the true you to the world. I get it–all mothers do–you have what seems like an ever-growing list of responsibilities and to-dos on your plate. It can be easy to lose yourself in work and motherhood and forget about your personal identity because you may not necessarily have had ample time develop your own identity before motherhood and entering the workforce. The truth is, motherhood will make you yearn for further personal development, and having a child look up to you is one of the best motivations you can have!

5. Stop Comparing!

Please, please, please do not start, or immediately stop, comparing your life to those of your friends with or without children. Comparing your life to anyone's steals the joy you do have. As a young mom, you'll have other friends dabbling in the spontaneity of life, traveling and partying on the weekends. Conversely, you'll see the older, more established, parents loading up the kids in their new SUVs and feeling secured in their lifestyle. You need to focus on enjoying your life! As young moms, our lives will not likely look like either our young friends' or that of the older parents we know. Your story is just that–Yours! Stop comparing and start reveling in your personal journey. As you do, you'll begin seeing all the minor things you often looked. Happiness is in the details.

Do you have any tips that were shared with you when you became a mom? Comment below and share them with the community! I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you found to be useful!